Code: G2464 and G1016

Harvey Dualflo Block Salt Softener 750 ltr


The Dualflo range of domestic water softeners represents the very latest in water softening technology. Fully WRAS approved these softeners are designed and manufactured in the UK for British homes. Featuring highly accurate displacement water meters, non-electric technology, twin cylinder capacity and high flow rates, suitable for both vented and unvented systems. Coupled with a very compact design (will fit in a standard kitchen cupboard), and the convenience of block salt on the standard model, high quality full-bore fitting kits and unrivalled back-up and support from the factory, these are quite simply THE best water softeners on the market.


Block Salt sold separately

Easy to store, handle and load.


Cheaper to run than electric machines, no Part P requirement for an electrical outlet near the softener, no complicated timers/ programmers to set up. Quiet in operation.

50 Litres per Min Flow Rate:

Suitable for vented or unvented systems and up to a maximum of 2 bathrooms.

Twin Tank:

Never run out of softened water. Up to 50% less salt usage.

Compact Size:

Fits in a kitchen cupboard.

Displacement Metering:

Only regenerates upon actual usage.

Typical usage:

Bathroom x2

Vented & unvented

50L per min

15 or 22mm fitting kits available

How it works

Hard water pumped into your home passes through a bed of resin crystal beads in the unit which capture the lime scale and minerals by an ionising process. When the beads become exhausted, they need to be regenerated by flushing through a salt water solution. Because of its technologically advanced design and unique features, Dualflo has more efficient operation than conventional models, which makes it the best performer on the market.

Salt Efficiency

The salt is not used to soften the water, but is used to release the hardness minerals from the resin. This process is called regeneration. With the Dualflo non electric operation, Block Salt is the only consumable product. Even here the Dualflo is more efficient and cheaper to run than other softeners. This is because the Dualflo’s unique control system uses the exact amount of salt necessary to regenerate the resin, and does not rely on a pre-programmed estimate of water usage.

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