Installations can be a stressful time for customers, that’s why we have recommended Specialised Bathroom fitters, so you don’t have to worry about organising, chasing, relying and depending on a man in a van.

Points to consider when refurbishing your bathroom:

Let’s start at the ceiling and work our way down to the floor


Is the ceiling skimmed? Yes/No

What is skimming?

Skimming is to smooth the ceiling to a flat surface


What lights have you got?

Do you want to put new lights in your bathroom? Yes/No

What type of lights would you like?

Ceiling lights, Down lights, Chandelier, Wall Lights

Just make sure the light you choose complies with current regulations. I would recommend IP65 rated lights.

Mirror cabinets

Some of the most beautiful mirror cabinets that I have seen in the last five years have just come out. Built in LED lights, shaver sockets, even ones that can play your music while you relax in your beautiful bathroom. While you have the electrician there, keep in mind your mirror cabinet.


Have you got damp or mould in your bathroom? Or would you like to comply with current regulations? Did you know that you get different types of extractor fans? You get wall or ceiling extractor fans. Some with timers, humidifiers, and even lights built in.

What is a humidifier? It means that when you are using the loo and you switch the light on the fan stays off until moisture gets in the air when showering or bathing, then the fan will automatically switch on. Some fans work better than others. It depends on your budget, brand, and price.

Bathroom layout

Just because your bathroom has been looking the same way doesn’t mean that you can’t change the layout. Be wary of lazy plumbers and fitters. 85% of the time one can move things around and hide ugly boxes and pipes

What sanitary to use

That’s a personal matter that depends on the style and layout.

What basin would you prefer?

Wall hung, Pedestal, Semi-pedestal, Stand Mounted, Counter Top

Do you want a vanity unit with storage? Yes/ No

What Toilet would you prefer?

Back to wall, Close Coupled, Low/High Level, Wall Hung, Concealed System

These are normally the only things you can’t move without creating a box/hiding place for the big pipe in the bathroom.

The bath can come in loads of different styles and shapes – what would you prefer?

Freestanding, Shower Bath, Corner Bath, whirlpool bath, Single/Double-ended bath

A little secret about the bath - they don’t need to have taps anymore.


Again, we have unlimited styles, shapes, and colours to choose from. The only thing that I can say is that if you are fitting a new bathroom and you live in a hard water area you might want to consider putting in a Harvey dual flow water softener. We will get back to this water softener. Let’s talk about the bath filler. You can install a three port diverter valve.

What it means is that all the water in the bath area can be controlled from one location. Meaning that you never have to put your arm underneath the shower head when opening the water. Also, it’s nice and easy to clean around the bath without taps in the way. And if we have to mention safety – if you fall over there are no taps to hurt yourself on.

Harvey dual flow water softener

I would highly recommend having a look on our website under the heading “Plumbing-Water Softeners”, as he can explain it a lot better than I can


Better known as statement-making work of art and not just something that heats your bathroom up. Normal bathroom radiator plumbing come out of the floor (lazy plumbing). Depending on the style and make of radiator, your fitter should be able to mount it against the ceiling if you want.


What about tiles? Now that’s a difficult one as tiles are a direct presentation of your style and taste. What I can say to you is that the difference in price of tiles make a big difference in the finished product. That doesn’t necessarily mean that if you don’t have the budget for expensive tiles your bathroom does not need to look like a million pounds. By choosing the right tile trims and grout and spacer size for your tiles you can make it look amazing. I recommend ultra-tiling adhesive as it’s one of the only London Underground approved adhesive. We all know how many people walk on those tiles every day. Also, I recommend using Mapei grout, as they’ve got loads of different colours and even matching silicone/mastix.

Tiling the floor

I recommend taking out the existing floorboards and changing it for 18mm marine ply to make your floor nice and sturdy, and then applying Ditra matting so that you don’t get popping tiles, cracked grout etc.


It’s all about the preparations. Again, Mapei shower tanking kit is highly recommended. Normally we remove tiles and plasterboards in your old bathroom and replace it with new green water resistant plasterboard and treat the area with Mapei shower tanking kit.

Final words

I know things can be a bit complicated and I really hope that this helps you. If it doesn’t please feel free to contact us, as we are here to help you with any queries. We are confident that we will be able to help you source and create that amazing bathroom that you deserve.

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