Bathrooms for Couples

Bathrooms for Couples

Your bathroom should be a wonderful place to unwind at the end of a stressful day. It must also be a practical space in which it is easy to get yourself ready. But it is amazing how often a bathroom can feel like Piccadilly Circus!

The bathroom is a high traffic area of the home and a room which everyone in the household tends to want to use at the same time of the day! If your other half always seems to get in the way when you want to use the bathroom, then what changes should you consider to create a more user-friendly space?

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Bathroom Glitz and Glamour

Bathroom Glitz and Glamour

Contemporary bathrooms are often sleek and minimalist spaces with clean lines and understated colour schemes. If well designed with the provision of adequate storage, modern bathrooms are triumphs of simplicity and are clutter free. They perfectly complement the current taste in interior décor and can be a great selling point for you home. But what if you wish to inject some character and perhaps a little glitz and glamour into your bathroom?
Mosaic tiling, Comino's Arcade, Redcliffe, 2013
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The Art Deco Bathroom

The Art Deco Bathroom

Trends in interior design come and go. Styles which are the height of fashion then fall out of favour. As the years pass our taste in interior décor has reflected the artistic movements of the time and has also adapted to suit the demands of our lifestyles and the types of houses that we live in. It is often easy to identify the period in which a room was decorated. The stylistic features of some eras are now considered retro cool or to be the epitome of period elegance. Others often leave us wondering what we were thinking of!
Bathroom of Mr T.A. Field, Turramurra, Sydney, 193- - photographer Sam Hood (8201091959) art deco bathroom
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The Heritage Holywell Freestanding Bath

A Magical Metallic Freestanding Bath

Bathroom ceramics don’t have to be white!

If the thought of coloured baths fills you will horror then your feelings have probably been inspired by the worst excesses of the 1970s and 1980s. These were decades which delivered somewhat unfortunate interior design trends. If you have ever been forced to live with an avocado bathroom suite then it is a feature that you will be anxious never to see again. Then there were those 70’s turquoise tiles with psychedelic patterns that made you feel dizzy!
holywell freestanding bath
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Designer Radiators – Enhance Your Bathroom

Enhance Your Bathroom with Designer Radiators

Central heating has certainly proved to be a fabulous innovation and has completely transformed domestic life. You wouldn’t want to live without central heating, but most systems feature radiators and these have their downsides. Indeed they can sometimes provide an annoying impediment to your interior design schemes. They take up a great deal of wall space. They can make it difficult to position your fittings and furniture where you really want them. To make matters worse, radiators can be plain ugly!
designer radiators
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Get a Heated Bathroom Mirror – No More Fogging!

When the Mist Descends

Mirrors are an essential inclusion in your bathroom. After all, it would be difficult to shave, brush your hair or apply your make-up without one. It is second nature to wash and then stand in front of the mirror. Your mirror is a feature that you only really think about when you find yourself without one. The trouble is that mirrors have an annoying tendency to mist over in a steamy bathroom.
pexels-photo-54377 heated bathroom mirror
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Original Style Glassworks Tiles from

Glorious Glassworks Tiles

The perfect bathroom is both incredibly stylish and functional. There are many elements to be chosen and combined in order to achieve the striking space that will distinguish your home. Whilst your choice of sanitary ware is clearly crucial, your wall tiles will also be key element in the success of your design scheme.
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